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the Onyx Hotel

Holy Rino Nakasone!!  She killed it last night!!  I love her!!  She worked it so tough, and she was so cute!!  I am so inspired right now!  Yes, me!  One of the biggest anti-Britney's went to the concert in Las Vegas... My roommate had an extra ticket and asked me to go, and I had the oppurtunity to take my best friend Prince so how could I refuse... plus I was excited to see KELIS who really really disappointed me... I went there being excited to see Rino live!  I also wanted to see the choreography Brian had cooked up, and check out all the other dancers...

So she opens up with TOXIC... the only Britney song I like to get down to (cuz I have to in CS)... Surprisingly enough, she actually killed that routine... the whole opening set was sick (as far as dancers go)... She did OVERPROTECTED (I like that one too), and SHOWDOWN (the choreography was sick) ..Brit had on this leather catsuit (ugly of course; all of her costumes are booboo) I immediately jumped out of my seat when I saw Rino get on stage!  She was so cute!  She had Shannon Sossamon- 40days40nights haircut with blue and blonde chunks!  She was fierce!  So were her other dancers though... I sat down during the next fit, which was this corset thingy with fluffy ruffled white panties... (sorry but, Britney doesn't look like she's been working out lately: thighs looking big, tummy hanging out, face has some meat on it)... she did a slower remix of OOPS! and it was WHOP-WHOP.... Oops! she sucked at it again!... I sat down the rest of the concert, only focusing on the dancers... I lost track of Britney, because she was lame (I just don't really like any of her songs), but was impressed by the ballet number the dancers had... wow... I stood up, and had my breath taken away from me for a second... they were so beautiful (unfortunately, rino wasn't with them)... The second to last outfit was a hot pink bathing suit and gray MC HAMMER pants.... BOO!! I didn't stand up again until the last song... ..that one with Madonna (i don't know the name of it... something IN THE ZONE)... whatever.. the dancers killed it again...

I know I'm a little harsh on Britney, but if your going to be that famous you need to impress me, and show me what makes you so special... Janet did it, Michael, Christina, Whitney, Madonna, Paula Abdul, they've shown me what makes them so special... where you at Britney?!  it takes more than a pretty face to get me excited about a celebrity...

But I give the whole show a 3 out of 5 stars... the dancers 5 out of 5 stars... Britney gets 2 out of 5 stars... and RINO gets 6 out of 5 stars!!!

I did enjoy the show, especially that I got to be with Prince, Melodee, and Boobie... and I was totally drunk the whole time... so I did have a good time... THANK YOU BOOBIE for taking me, i really appreciate it!!!

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