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Chrissstopher LaBeija

Hey guys

What's going on guys? I'm a dancer from NYC and wanted to intro myself. Just looking to chat with other dancers and maybe meet some others from NYC. I currently dance at BDC (the Broadway Dance Center) and yeah that's it. Oh, I mostly dance hip-hop but I do some jazz, house, and dance hall. That is all... =)
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Hey! I live in New Rochelle, Ny and also dance at Broadway Dance Center! I usually take Bev's Hip Hop class on saturdays... and i'm doing Rhapsody's intensive this summer! i'll be there sunday! if you wanna meet up!
i usually take Bev's classes too (i was in her showcase as well).

yeah, i prob won't be there Sunday but Saturday I probably will

ps: what is Rhapsody's intensive? I'd be interested in taking her classes as well
I definetly know you... well not know u but have seen you before! were u there last saturday when we danced to nina sky? or for the video class and we did Janet's If??? Rhapsody's intensive is a part of the summer intensive.. check it out on the site.. if u read my livejournal u can see my picture maybe i look a bit familiar! i always stand near the viewing window to the left
yeah, i recognize you! thats cool! i saw your pic with Bev and Sandra in your journal, good times! i'll prob see you around there sometime...
Yea thats cool! if u look at previous entries there is a pic of Bev,Lilly and me.. I love asbosutely love Bev and her assistants Lilly is soo sweet! i always go on Saturdays but my friend has a performance and I promised I would go.. so that kinda sucks cuz I like takin both classes one right after the other but i'll be there next saturday! Well anyway Nice to meet you ! My name is Laura.. ;o)
yeah, I LOVE Bev too! frickin' hilarious! and Lily and Sandra too (I loved Becky too).

my name's Kel btw, nice to meet you too
See.. I knew you were referred too a Kel! I your face looked soo familiar cuz one day after class Sandra and I were talking and she had your watched and had some guy call your name.. and yeah I also remember Bev saying something like ::it's your favorite part Kel.. or chill..:: you know how she is! anyway.. i put one and one together.. I think thats tres tres cool! yeah I miss Becky that girl can dance! I hope that I can reach that level one day!...

last class Bev said I was improving and should take some ballet classes.. I found that kinda weird.. anyway ! yeah hope to see ya soon!
ROFL.. yeah, the guy with the watch was me! Thats cool. And yeah Bev knows that I love Janet Jackson (a LOT) so when she brings in Janet choreography she tells me i'm gonna be excited, lol
That's cool ! i LOVE janet too.. everytime I hear "if" i bust out with the dance.. my parents are like idk what Bev is doing to you but now you like start bustin a move everywhere u go!

and its true! ive learned soo much with her!

Are you in P-Funk?


13 years ago


13 years ago

... and i was going to be a part of her spring showcase but since I live almost an hour away I couldnt commit to sunday rehearsals..
yeah, i can understand that
I have a dance question, maybe you could help?

Okay, I've been in the same hip hop class for three years. Me and one other girl are the best dancers in the class. He's short and pretty skinny. I'm tall and a little chubby. My dance teacher kept asking her to dance in some fashion shows he was working with and it would always upset me because we are equally good at dancing so now I'm wondering, is she getting more opportunities because she is smaller? And if so, should I lose weight if I want to continue dancing? Please Help!

Hey Liz,

I can't give you my opinion without knowing all the facts and I also can't speak for your dance instructor. Why don't you ask him/her if they think you are ready for shows and videos and stuff. Judging by his/her answer, you will be able to tell what they think you should do
Hmm I wish I had asked my dance teacher earlier because Wednesday was my last day in his class. I'm moving to a more advanced class. Thanks though. Well anyway, I've been dancing (hip hop) for 3 years and ballet for one. How long have you been doing hip hop?

forever it feels like but i was on the hip-hop dance group in college and then now ive been at BDC for about 2 years
Do you have to audition to be in BDC?
hey chris....i gotta dance instructor takes courses at BDC and teaches us for hip hop some of the u think u may no her?....julie lang?
i don't know her... maybe if i saw her by face
Hey.. I just wanted to say that when my dance studio from Michigan went on a trip to NYC, we took a class from The Broadway Dace Center and I thought that it was absoultely awesome. We took this hip-hop type class, and I fell in love with it and wish I could go back-- but unfortunately it doesn't seem possible for a while. You're lucky.. Lol.
yeah, I really like BDC. There aren't similar classes there in Michigan?
Not really. There isn't a studio where you can just randomly show up and be like hey- I want to dance.. You have to like enroll in the beginning of the year and so on and so forth. I'm still on the look out though.
oh yeah, i guess that is kinda cool that BDC does that
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