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Justin's Choreographer

Yes.. Marty.. Justin's choreographer.. please don't ever confuse him with the N'SYNC choreographer Wade Robson! yes, Wade taught N'SYNC how to dance, but Marty taught Justin.. and you can definetely see it in his choreography..

So what happened was, Marty came with Sky (former CultureShock LV member/dancer in Janet's Velvet Rope tour/Justin's tour), and Melanie (she's sick).. Marty taught to Aaliyah's "Try Again".. it was a dope routine.. he was very impressed that we all picked it up so fast.. and had style.. it was a nice change of pace for us.. he really knew what he was doing.. and was just a good teacher..

ooh.. my legs are too sore right now.. it hurts to walk and sit.. and whatever! damn what a work out!

Afterwards, Linda and I talked to Sky and Melanie..Sky intro'd himself to me.. he already knew Linda.. and they talked to us about how we should go on a whim and just move to LA.. and that we were talented/good looking enough to do so... we were both really inspired.. and I seriously almost wanted to pack my bags last night and just bounce..

but alas... I just bought that house with Rex, I'm trying to get my degree, and I hate the city of LA.. God. I wish I could ask Rex to drop everything and go.. he probably would if I asked him.. he would do anything for me, which is why I won't tell him what I really want... Just like he'd do anything for me, I do anything for him.. and I don't want to take away the plans he has here.. Plus he hates LA as much as I do.. we'd be miserable.. the only thing that we'd like is dancing.. I don't think that's enough to move us out there.. plus.. I wouldn't want to raise my kids there.. it's just not for us..

I want to dance, but this is also what I want.. I can't leave Vegas.. it'd be too hard.. this is my home.. I can't leave my mom.. I have my commitments.. it's okay.. not everyone's dreams can come true.. plus I'm happy here, and in love.. what more could I ask for.. plus, I have security.. that's important..

Anyways.. Marty, Sky, and Melanie are SICK ass dancers.. that was a great experience.. and hopefully they come back soon...

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